Monday, March 24, 2014

Christine's 90 minute "little bit of everything" intense workout!

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I wanted to write a blog post on my awesome workout tonight but I must start off by saying what a great day I've had so far! I was super productive before going to work in Stratford today! Managed to get some work done from home and then cleaned and tidied my whole place. Then Molly and I got out for a 20 minute brisk walk and then she had a great 45 minute treadmill workout while I did my cleaning. After work I stopped to grab some groceries and was so happy to see what almost everything I wanted to buy was on sale!! P.s. if you are in need of toilet paper Zhers has it on for $6 (regular $17!!)

I also purchased a tropical house plant, and these lovely flowers. I figured if we could not feel Spring outside yet at least I could experience it indoors!! 

This evening ‎I had planned to meet my sister at Goodlife at 5 for a workout and was I ever looking forward to it!! I arrived at 5:15 eager and ready to work hard. I was full if energy and had my whole workout planned out in advance. I find pre planning my workouts helps me motivate myself to work harder. If I know what I should be doing with regards to reps, sets, and weights, I am less likely to skip out on some exercises, do less weight, or quit early on a set. 

Loving life on the elliptical 
I got a call when I got to the gym from my sister saying she was going to be late so I got started with a run. I followed this with the elliptical, weights, and finished with abs. 

Here's what I was able to accomplish in 90 minutes; 
- 15 minute treadmill run ranging from 6.5-8.5 mph ( gradually increased the speed as time progressed)
- 25 minutes on the elliptical at level 14 with forward/backward intervals
Superset 1: seated wide grip cable row x12 70 lbs with narrow grip push ups on bench x12- 2 sets each 
Superset 2: Romanian deadlifts with shoulder press 60 lb barbell 2x 12 each 
Reverse lunges with knee up 2x12/ side 

After this my sister was done her cardio and she joined in with me. She did the first part of the superset while I did the other then we switched.
Superset 3: Burpee, mountain climber/push up, shoulder press x10  (yes it sounds complicated and it is so I included a video of this one. Replace the jump with a shoulder press! ) with 5 lb prone reverse fly (5lbs) and tricep to extension (15 lbs) x12 each- 2 sets total of each of the three exercises 

Roman chair back extensions x30. Why wouldn't I do more of these after doing them last week during our Filthy Fifty workout and not being able to walk for three days after!? :P

I finished off the workout with a very short ab workout. I had plans at 7 this evening so I was a little pressed for time! Nevertheless I did get this done:

20 ab crunches 
20 oblique crunches
20 oblique crunches with knee in 
20 crunches legs in air
20 oblique crunches legs in air
20 bicycle crunches 
20 double leg extensions with reverse crunch 

My friends are here now so I have to go!! Hope you enjoyed this post!! I know I enjoyed the workout and can't wait to do it again! 
Girls night!!! 


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