Thursday, March 20, 2014

How we defeated the Filthy Fifty and how I am recovering from my DOMS

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Hello again!!! Welcome back!

This week's workouts have been great so far and I wanted to share with all of you lovely readers how much I enjoyed it despite wanting to vomit a few times and waking up barely being able to climb down my stairs and lift my arms to dry my hair! :p

The week started with a pre St. Paddy's Day workout at Goodlife Fitness which consisted of 40 minutes of interval cardio training followed by some light stretching and core strengthening.
Good ol' cardio workout

Well deserved and much needed prior to partaking in some Paddy's Festivities! Great times were had by all!!
Yesterday I was feeling a little unmotivated to workout so my sister suggested we follow a workout she had done recently and was super challenged by. Little did I know how extremely difficult it would be!!! It was brutal...but I loved it! I especially loved the variety and intensity of the exercises, highly recommended! 
I introduce to you The Filthy Fifty: 
Here are the modifications we made:
- I added 30 lbs to the lunges and did dynamic forward lunges instead of walking (to save space)
-did 30 lbs for the push press and 15 lbs for the kettle bell swings
-added 10 lbs to the back extensions
-did sit ups instead of wall balls (her workout didn't even have wall balls but I'll try that next time!)
-did jump squats instead of double unders (not enough room to use a skipping rope at the gym!)

She said the goal is to try to accomplish this in under 30 minutes. We did it in just over 26 MINUTES! She warned me I would want to vomit after and she was right. So that's what Crossfitters go through every single work out!? No wonder they are so fit and strong! I think I will be doing this workout again very soon and am determined to beat my time each workout! This routine combined with a 15 minute run was just what I needed to sleep like a baby last night!
This evening we hit the gym for over 2 hours. I had a little more energy today and so my sister and I began the workout with 30 minutes on the elliptical. For the rest of the workout we decided that we would each choose two exercises and super set them for 3 sets each then the next person would choose the exercises. Here is what we accomplished:

Superset 1: 2 minutes treadmill sprint + 2 minutes rowing
Superset 2: Narrow/wide grip lat pulldowns + seated leg extension (felt awesome after yesterdays crossfit workout!)
Superset 3: Weighted calf raises + Plate weighted oblique side bends
Superset 4: Dumbbell chest press + shoulder press
Superset 5: Cable oblique trunk rotations + double arm cable row

We finished the workout with a family stretch and core session!

Trying to play volleyball tonight proved to be a huge challenge and I was reminded of the 500 reps I did yesterday every time I squatted or lunged for the ball! Nevertheless, we came away with a BIG W and it feels great! Tomorrow I plan on another gym workout- most likely only cardio- that is if I can walk down my stairs to get there!

Oh how I love exercise! Really, I do!

Here are three ways to deal with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) following a hard workout:
1: Heat- think hot bath, hot tub, or sauna. The warmth will bring oxygen to the area sending more nutrients to soothe the aching muscles.
2: Movement and stretching- gentle and low intensity. Nothing that will work the already sore muscles too hard. A brisk walk, jog or yoga class should do the trick. As much as you feel you just want to sit still to avoid pain, you will feel better after you move- trust me on that one!
3: Massage: The increase in blood flow and circulation will again deliver more oxygen and nutrients. Plus it feels great!

I would love to hear if you have ever experienced DOMS after a workout, sport, or activity. And if so, what caused it and how did it feel? Any tips on how you survived the pain!?

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